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How Does a Massage Chair Work?

4. 4. 2019 last updated

If you have ever considered purchasing a full body massage chair or even a partial massage chair, you might want to know exactly how a massage chair works beforehand.

While many have found benefits from regularly using massage chairs, it’s important to look for a massage chair that works using some of these functions:

Interior of the Chair

Inside most massage chairs are a series of rollers, gears and motors and vibrating mechanisms. In most cases a roller style massage chair design involves a series of rollers that are placed on a sliding tool. The rollers will move up and down the sliding tool gradually as well as potentially vibrate. The rollers move is a result of a weighted wheel or gear system that is controlled by a small motor within the back of the chair.

For a rare insight into the inside of a massage chair, watch the following video:


The vibrations in most massage chairs are generally controlled using a vibrating motor that is very similar to the one you might find in your smart phone (but larger). Massage chairs will use several of these vibrating motors in key areas stated pressure points throughout the body. Some of the simplest massage chairs just have the vibration points installed in them without the use of a roller system.

Modern massage chairs

Almost every massage chair is different but some of the most modern massage chairs available today include micro processors which can be set up to deliver massages in a pre-recorded pattern. By including several different programs with the massage chair it’s possible to have a remote control that can change the points at which the massage chair activates. Including a micro processor can improve the sophistication of the massage offered.

How Does a Massage Chair Work?

Ultimately any massage chair manufacturer has to start with a great chair. From there the technology they get placed into that chair will impact the end quality of the massage.

Now that the inner workings of massage chairs are clearer, why not read our selection of the best massage chairs.

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