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We’re Hiring!

Part-time Job Opening: Freelance Writer for LeisureRate.com

Are you fluent in the language of residential swimming pools, pumps, filters, cleaners, covers and other pool-related products? Do you have experience with pool maintenance and care? Do you enjoy comparing all the available products before settling and can you share your reasoning with the world? Do you like writing and would you like to get paid for it?

If so, please read on!

We are looking for candidates with experience in the pool industry who would like to devote part of their time to writing for us. The pool-related topics include reviews of above-ground pools and other pool equipment, articles on pool maintenance/care, advice on using pools etc. Our articles are aimed at the general public so it’s nothing too technical, but we obviously can’t take on board someone who hasn’t cleaned a skimmer in their lifetime 🙂

Your job would be writing reviews for new products into existing articles (updating), rewriting articles that aren’t quite top-notch and expanding the project, i.e. writing all new articles and reviews. All instructions would come from the editor, me, and I would also provide you with feedback and edit your output.

We are looking for someone who:

  • has experience with sales/installation/service of pools
  • has passion for the topic
  • is a native speaker of English
  • has a good command of written English
  • can reflect on feedback and always strives to improve

We offer:

  • constant flow of work at flexible deadlines to fit your schedule (e.g. 2000 to 5000 words/week)
  • editorial guidance and constructive criticism
  • 100% remote

How to apply:

Please apply through our Google application form (click here). Any work following this form is always fully paid.


Thank you!