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Best Baby Pools and Kiddie Pools 2023 Reviews with Buying Guide

19. 5. 2020 last updated

The summertime is meant for fun in the sun while splashing and swimming around in the cool water, and for many parents, buying a kiddie pool or a baby pool for their little ones can make all the difference. Scroll down to read our take on the best baby pools and best kiddy pools available.

Baby pool

Very popular option with plenty extra features.

Baby pool

Very affordable basic baby pool with a soft bottom.

Kiddie pool

Mini version of an actual above-ground pool.

Kiddie pool

More advanced kiddie pool with a playful design. 

To beat the heat, a kiddie pool can be an endless source of relief and entertainment for kids while older teens are away in bigger in-ground or above ground pools.

Our tip

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Best Baby Pools of 2020 Reviews

Because babies are too delicate to play with the bigger kids, baby pools allow them to have their own fun in a pool that’s the perfect size for them and their summertime buddies. The water is more shallow than larger kiddie pools and isn’t too overwhelming for a small child.

image title price summary button
Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center Dollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin icon BEST OF BEST Very popular option with plenty extra features. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool Dollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin icon EDITOR’S PICK We liked this one best. Most creative design-wise. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool Dollar coin icon BUDGET OPTION Very affordable baby pool with soft bottom. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Mushroom Baby Pool Intex Mushroom Baby Pool Dollar coin icon Affordable, with designed-in sunshade and inflatable bottom. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool Dollar coin iconDollar coin icon Affordable, with designed-in sunshade, bottom not padded. CHECK PRICE NOW

BEST OF BEST Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Our tip

We’ve actually written a separate review of the Rainbow Ring Inflatable Center by Intex as part of our selection of the best Intex pools.

This kiddie pool by Intex is one of the best based on quality and price, offering lots of fun additions for your kids to enjoy. The play center has a water slide, wading pool, a ring toss game with 4 inflatable rings, and a water sprayer. The water sprayer can connect to a hose to keep the kids cool in the sun. The pool can hold up to 77 gallons and also comes with a ball roller and toss game.

You can have around five toddlers play in this pool and you can also use it as a ball pit. Keep in mind that a pump doesn’t come included, so it may be difficult if you’re planning to hand pump the pool. Also, some have noted that draining and cleanup can be a pain, and the pool drains most but not all the water. If you’d like to see how one user has set up this pool, you can watch a video below on inflating it, filling it with water, and more detail on its features.

Buyer rating

Although a bit pricey, this pool is one of the best sellers when it comes to kiddie pools with over 1,100 reviews. 72% of users found it to be a great addition to their yard where the kids found plenty to do inside the pool. Those who rated it 3 stars or less mostly complained about the difficult of pumping the different sections and how the water sprayer seemed a bit wasteful. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Great for both babies and kids up to 7 years old
  • Sturdy and durable for long lasting fun
  • 15 different sections to inflate
  • Water sprayer is a bit flimsy

EDITOR’S PICK Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool

In this cute smiling giraffe baby pool by Intex, there are two colorful inflatable rings and two hanging noise makers for your little one to play with. It can hold up to 14 gallons of water and has a wall height of four inches, making it a practical and safe pool for splashing around and staying cool.

It’s easily inflatable by mouth or by hand pump, along with being durable enough to stay inflated throughout playtime and the summer. Although, users have noticed that the giraffe head doesn’t seem to stay inflated, but it doesn’t affect the rest of the pool. Draining the water is almost effortless, making it easy to clean and stow away for the next time you need it.

Buyer rating

Out of more than 170 reviews, the pool has a rating of 4.5 where 89% of users gave it a 4 or a 5 for its durable design and additional toys. The other 11% had a common issue with the bottom not being inflated. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Shallow enough for babies to sit down safely
  • Fun additional toys
  • Easy draining and cleaning
  • Bottom is not inflated and can be slippery
  • Toy rings are hard to inflate

BUDGET OPTION Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

This is a simple yet colorful inflatable baby pool by Intex that can hold up to 22 gallons of water. The floor of the pool is also inflatable and soft enough for your child to sit and play in it comfortably. On the outer edge, there are three rings that stack up for extra safety and comfort. Made with 8-gauge vinyl, this pool measures 34 inches from outside edge to outside edge, but can still fit two small children.

Some users mentioned they’ve used it as a ball pit or a play pen because of the important inflated base. The only hassle to this pool is each color tier has to be inflated, but other than that, this pool is a great option for those on a tight budget.

Buyer rating

This product received over 650 reviews with 81 % of users giving it a 4 or a 5. The positive reviews were based on how affordable it was and its decent quality, while those who gave it less than 4 stars mostly didn’t care for blowing up each tier one by one. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Great budget pool
  • Inflatable bottom for safety
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Must blow up each tier individually
  • Pumping is a bit difficult

Intex Mushroom Baby Pool

This is a very colorful baby pool by Intex suitable for babies up to the age of three and can carry up to 12 gallons of water. The surrounding walls are five inches tall for safe play in the water, and it even has a built-in mushroom sunshade so your little one can stay protected from the hot sun. The floor of the pool is inflated to prevent injury from slipping, and the whole pool itself measures in at 40 inches in length and 35 inches wide.

Once inflated, this pool is durable enough to stay that way for a long time and has enough room for two small babies. Inflating it can be a bit of a hassle, for there’s three separate sections, but once done, it stays strong and sturdy for when your kids are playing.

Buyer rating

83% of users gave this mushroom pool either a 4 or 5, with many mentioning the sunshade features and the secure padded bottom. The other 17% found that inflating it takes a bit of effort since there are several separate sections to pump. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Mushroom sunshade attached for protection
  • Strong and well-constructed with inflatable bottom
  • Big enough for two babies
  • Inflating takes effort, three sections to do
  • Sunshade is prone to leaning

Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool

Your baby can stay shaded and have fun in the water at the same time in this royal castle pool by Intex with a built-in sunshade. There are windows on the side for added visibility, air flow, and easy access. The pool can hold 18 gallons of water and has a wall height of five inches for comfortable sitting. From the outside edge to edge, the pool is 48 inches long, along with being 48 inches wide and high.

There are about 4 sections of this pool to inflate, and once inflated, it’s sturdy enough for a baby to sit upright unassisted. It takes a while to blow it up manually and the bottom of the pool isn’t padded, so supervision is recommended.

Buyer rating

With over 40 customer reviews, this castle pool is rated at 4.3 stars with 84% favorably noting the sunshade as a great addition and the little inflatable flower as an extra toy. Other users who have given it a 3 or a 1 don’t like the fact that the pool’s base isn’t padded since they’re concerned about safety. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Overhead shade provides great protection from the sun
  • Can fit up to two small children
  • Durable enough to be left inflated for a while
  • Base of pool isn’t inflated
  • Takes a long time to inflate by hand

Best Kiddie Pools of 2020 Reviews

These kinds of pools are typically larger and deeper than those built for infants but smaller than a regular sized above ground pool. Some kiddie pools even have enough room for parents to join in on the fun.

image title price summary button
Intex Mini Frame Pool Intex Mini Frame Pool Dollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin icon BEST OF BEST Mini version of actual above-ground pool. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Inflatable Pool Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Inflatable Pool Dollar coin iconDollar coin icon EDITOR’S PICK More advanced kiddie pool with playful design. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool Dollar coin icon BUDGET OPTION No-frills basic pool with bottom not padded. CHECK PRICE NOW
Intex Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool Intex Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool Dollar coin icon Another affordable option, maybe even better looking. CHECK PRICE NOW

BEST OF BEST Intex Mini Frame Pool

This pool by Intex is fun for both kids and parents alike with it being able to carry 89 gallons of water, or 9 ½ inches of wall height. It’s suitable for children three years of age or older, and the pool is held up by foam padded horizontal beams for comfort. For cleanup, there’s a drain plug at the bottom and a repair patch kit comes included in case of any accidents.

The pool measures out to be 48 inches long and wide, and 12 inches high. Users have said that the pool is relatively easy to set up, and many have even used it as a doggy pool. Although, mind that the bottom isn’t that thick and you have to prop something underneath the pool to keep it draining.

Buyer rating

The majority of users have had good experiences with this pool, with 85% giving it a 4 or 5 because of the almost effortless assembly, while the small 15% of users who gave it a 3 or lower shared their annoyance with the beams that seem prone to slipping out. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Sturdy beams for comfortable sitting and leaning
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Drainage hole can be blocked if pool is on concrete or grass
  • Beams don’t snap in, can slip off

EDITOR’S PICK Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Inflatable Pool

Ideal for kids ages three and older, there’s room for the whole family to enjoy splashing in the water in this pool by Intex. The edges have clear windows with fun and colorful design to act as an attractive addition to your yard. For cleanup, the convenient drain plug makes it easy to dump the water and stow away the pool. This is a fairly good sized pool, measuring in at 62.5 inches long, 62.5 inches wide, and 19.5 inches tall so you and your kids can wade around in the cool water.

The sides of the pool are reported to hold up very well, but be sure to have an air pump or you’ll burn through half an hour instead of a quick five minutes. Also, some users noticed that the pool takes a long time to drain because of its size. Besides these issues, this is a simply yet great summer pool for the whole family to enjoy.

Buyer rating

This pool is great when it comes to quality and price with most users left happy and giving it a rating of 4.1. Out of over 400 reviews, 75% gave the pool a rating of 4 or 5 while leaving positive feedback mostly based on the amount of room the pool has which is enough for up to three small kids. The other 25% gave it a 3 or less with their main issue being the long draining time. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Enough room to hold adults and kids
  • Deflates in five minutes
  • Draining takes a long time
  • Not recommended if you don’t have an air pump

BUDGET OPTION Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

This pool by Intex is great fun for kids three years and older, measuring at 45 inches in length, 45 inches wide, and 10 inches high. You can fill it with 6 ½ inches (17 cm), or 62 gallons, of water while your kids sit and splash in the pool surrounded by three crystal blue inflatable tiers. For those that are looking for a fun summertime addition to their yard, this pool is one of the more affordable options so your family can enjoy the cool water without breaking the bank.

While the Intex crystal blue pool is easy to blow up and durable, draining it can be a bit of a chore since it doesn’t have a drainage plug. Scooping out the water first before lifting the pool is recommended so the vinyl doesn’t stretch. Also, the bottom isn’t inflated, so supervision might be needed to make sure your little ones don’t slip.

Buyer rating

As one of the most affordable and popular options, this pool has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 570 customer reviews. 74% gave some positive remarks regarding its price and ability to inflate quickly. 26% who gave the pool a 3, 2, or a 1 mainly had an issue about the lack of a drain plug which can make draining and cleanup a bit difficult. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Inflates quickly and rinses clean
  • Quality pool for those on a budget
  • No drain plug
  • Base doesn’t inflate

Intex Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool

Made from durable 13-gauge vinyl, this mandarin family pool by Intex can be enjoyed by the whole family and is made for kids age six and older. Its two-ring design makes the surrounding walls up to 18 inches high, so it can hold around 137 gallons of water, or up to 13 inches. It’s quite a big size so adults can lounge in it while the kids still have room to make waves and splash around.

The pool itself is nice and sturdy, although some users have noticed that the walls of the pool don’t stay inflated for too long, and the drain plug does need to be propped up a bit since the ground can block the hole.

Buyer rating

With 58 customer reviews, this pool received a rating of 3.9 with 79% giving it a 4 or 5 with the most favor towards the pool’s size. The remaining 21% had some concerns about the drain plug being blocked by grass or concrete and the bottom not being inflated. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Big enough for several kids or the whole family
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Bottom isn’t inflated
  • Drain plug can be blocked from concrete or grass
  • Doesn’t stay inflated for long

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Kiddie Pool?

The term “kiddie pool” can apply to many different specifications, and while there’s not really a written standard to identify a kiddie pool, it can be labeled as such by the following:

  • A length and width no bigger than 15 feet
  • No chlorine or filtration system
  • Specifically designed for children up to eight years old
  • Water is no deeper than three feet

Most kiddie pools are made out a vinyl or plastic material and are inflatable. Inflatable ones are recommended if you plan to have younger children playing around in the pool for safety reasons.

Now let’s look at some parameters to consider:


Not everyone has a huge back or front yard, and if you’re going to have to have several kids or just one kid playing in the pool, you should consider the size of the pool you want. Although, mind that bigger pools take more effort to set up, fill, and clean. Also, it’s much easier to inflate a kiddie pool if you have an electric air pump (like an air mattress pump) beforehand so you’re not dreading the summer with sore arms from manual pumping. (For inspiration, you can take a look at this best-selling air pump: Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump)


Storage is a very important aspect of kiddie pools for many because most of us don’t like things to take up too much space to the point where it’s inconvenient. Because kiddie pools aren’t usually kept set up all throughout the year, it’s best to have an easily collapsible pool that can be stored almost anywhere. Hard plastic wading pools aren’t as collapsible as inflatable ones, since inflatable pools can fold up into a compact shape while hard plastic pools can have several pieces to stow away.

Kiddie Pool Additions

Depending on your preference, if you don’t want just a simple round or square kiddie pool, there are plenty of options that come with additional toys and built in features, with some that can further the safety of the pool.

Many features include things like:

Slide – Sprinkler – Sunshade –Inflated Base –Toys – Play Center

  • Slide – A slide lets kids slide down into the pool for exciting splashes. They are either built-in or separate and made of hard plastic or are inflatable. The Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center pool has a slide that starts from a wading pool and leads to a slightly deeper and bigger section.
  • Sprinkler – This is a feature that can be found on the Intex Play Center pool and is a part of the pool where a hose can be attached and acts as a refreshing shower to keep the kids cool.
  • Sunshade – A sunshade, or canopy, can either be built-in or separately attached to the sides of the pool and provides protection from the sun, which is important for younger kids. The Intex Lazy Fish, Royal Castle, and Mushroom (see all below) baby pools have an attached sunshade incorporated into their clever designs.
  • Inflated Base – This cushions the kids from the hard ground or bumpy grass and is usually incorporated into the pool itself. The Intex Sunset Glow, Lazy Fish, and Mushroom pools have a padded base to keep your baby protected from bumps and bruises.
  • Toys – Toys can be included with certain kiddie pools and can be separate plastic or inflatable pieces, or they can hang from a section of the pool to allow babies to entertain themselves while they’re splashing in the water. There are several toys to play with in the Intex Smiley Giraffe, Mushroom, and Rainbow Ring Play Center pool, such as hanging noise makers, inflatable rings, and inflatable toys. Alternatively, you can read our selection of the best pool toys and purchase some separately!
  • Play Center – A play center is made up of several different areas for kids to play in, such as a wading pool that flows into a bigger pool. There are also a variety of entertainment options like ring toss attachments or balls. These extra features can either be built into the pool or can be attached manually, and the Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center is a great example of all of these items included in one pool.

Color and Look

There are many options nowadays for different colored kiddie pools with many varieties of shapes, patterns, and images. If you’d like to add some creative stimulus to your kid’s playtime, you can find pools that have multi-colored rings, are built in a clever shape like a castle or a fish, or have images of sea life and the beach.

Refilling and Inflating

It’s common sense to know that the more water a kiddie pool holds, the pricier it’ll be to fill it up, making it harder to drain and clean it. Hard plastic pools are generally easy to drain and refill, but owners of larger kiddie pools tend to want to leave it inflated and filled to save money.

The problem with keeping a larger kiddie pool filled is that hygiene becomes more of a concern, considering that after a while, dirt, dust, bugs, algae, and other things can contaminate the water, forcing you to either dump out the whole thing or use chemicals like chlorine and algaecide. As mentioned before, kiddie pools don’t have a filtration system, so if you are going to use such chemicals to keep your kiddie pool clean, be sure to read directions carefully so that you use these chemicals safely. You can look at some tips here for more detail on how to safely use cleaning solution in your pool.

In terms of inflating, larger pools can make it harder to tell when air is leaking. Be sure to have repair patches on hand and check the state of the pool often to ensure your child’s safety for the next time they play in the pool.

Tips on Set-up, Storage, and Care

Be careful not to overinflate your kiddie pool since this can cause the material to stretch, making the material weak and more prone to air leaks. Also, dragging the pool across the ground can crack hard plastic pools or cause punctures in inflatable pools, ultimately leading to water and air leaks.

When you’re ready to store your pool away, make sure to keep it in a safe and covered environment such as a shed, garage, or plastic bin to protect it from the outside elements.


Never leave your children unattended in a kiddie pool while filling the pool and while the kids are in the water. Although kiddie pools are generally shallow, drowning can still be a possibility. Kids shouldn’t jump into a kiddie pool, especially those without an inflatable base, for they can slip and injure themselves. You may also want to have a look at some pool alarms options such as wristband alarms for kids that we’ve reviewed.

For more ways to keep your kids safe while still having fun, here are some more tips and advice on preventing injury and accidents.


You and your kids can have an enjoyable time in the summer sun with a kiddie pool you can trust, and without spending too much cash. It’s definitely possible to find a pool that works for you and most importantly, your little ones so they can have fun summertime memories in the water.

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