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Intex Oval Frame Pool 2023 Review

1. 5. 2020 last updated

Round pools can be awkward for rectangular areas, so many look for oval shaped pools for more space to swim. A popular choice is the Intex Oval Frame Pool, which essentially combines strength similar to the metal frame and the flexibility of an Easy Set.

Please read our Intex Oval Frame Pool review below.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set (18ft X 10ft X 42in)

This 18-feet by 10-feet by 42-inch oval-shaped pool is supported by rust-proof coated frames which can be assembled with nifty snap-on joints, although to make it easier, some users suggest using some kind of lubricant to make sure the poles slip into the joints smoother.

It’s as flexible as an Easy Set pool considering the whole thing isn’t framed, and it’s also as sturdy and strong as a metal frame pool with its sidewalls being made triple-layered laminated PVC. To prevent any deterioration from the hot sun when not in use, the outside layer is made with a UV inhibitor. Because of its shape, the Intex Oval Frame pool is an ideal model for practicing swimming laps or even playing leisurely games like volleyball.

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To install it, all you do is make sure you have a leveled area, lay the pool liner on the ground, inflate the top ring and set up the frame, then fill it with water. You can watch the video below to see how a user set up theirs.

The set comes with a 120V 1,000 GPH filter pump with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) and an additional ladder, drop cloth, and pool cover. There’s also a drain plug near the outside bottom of the pool which can easily connect to a garden hose when you want to dissemble the pool and drain the water away from the swimming area.

Features of Intex Oval Frame Pools

  • Simple installation requires laying out pool liner on level ground, assembling frame and inflating ring, then ready for water
  • 120V 1,000 GPH filter pump with GFCI for protection from electric shock
  • Sidewall material is made of triple-layered laminated PVC
  • Includes drain plug near the bottom for easy drainage away from pool
  • Water capacity of 2,800 gallons when filled at 80%
  • Ladder, drop cloth, and pool cover included


The pool is available in the following sizes: 18ft x 10ft x 42in (this review) and 20ft x 12ft x 48in.


Prices range from roughly $300 to about $400.


Buyer rating

From a few dozen reviews, 80% gave the pool positive remarks after rating it a 4 or 5. Many liked the shape of it since it allowed them to swim laps and also appreciated how effortless the setup was. Some negative concerns were mostly about the weak inflatable ring which is prone to deflate and the provided pump is too small for such a large pool. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Painless setup and maintenance
  • Flexible and durable
  • Big enough to swim in
  • Filter isn’t powerful enough to keep entire pool clean
  • Inflatable ring can often deflate
  • Takes a long time to fill up


For a pool that accommodates narrow yard spaces, the Intex Oval Frame Pool Set is designed to fit without taking up too much of your yard area. It provides the value and flexibility of an Easy Set pool while it has the durability and stability of a Metal Frame Pool. Setup is frustration-free and this pool can last through several summers with its triple-layered laminated PVC material.

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