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Best Pool Cover Pumps 2019 Reviews

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If you own a pool, you know how important it is to keep your pool cover clear of water and debris in the winter time. This is especially true for those that live in areas that are prone to heavy rains. You need a good method to remove all of that water before your pool cover is destroyed from all the extra weight.

Finding the right pool cover pump for your pool can be tricky depending on the climate you live in and the size of your pool. You also need to consider if you want a pump that requires some work on your end or if you want a pump that you can just set down and forget about.

Here are a few reviews to help you start shopping and a few tips on what to look for in the best pool cover pump.

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    Best Cover Pumps of 2019 Reviewed

    image title price summary button
    Little Giant PCP550 Pump Little Giant PCP550 Pump Dollar coin icon BUDGET OPTION Purpose-made affordable manual cover pump. GO TO STORE
    Wayne WAPC250 Pump Wayne WAPC250 Pump Dollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin icon EDITOR’S PICK Popular automatic option. GO TO STORE
    Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pump Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pump Dollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin iconDollar coin icon Another automatic option. GO TO STORE
    Superior Pump 91330 Submersible Utility Pump Superior Pump 91330 Submersible Utility Pump Dollar coin iconDollar coin icon Generic affordable submersible pump. GO TO STORE

    BUDGET OPTION Little Giant PCP550 Pump

    Little Giant PCP550 Pump

    Little Giant PCP550 Pump

    If you have a small to medium sized pool cover, you will need to look at a mid-range size pump like the Little Giant PCP550 Pool Cover Pump. This is the ideal for a small to medium sized pool since it is powerful and small, plus it is also a good value. When you aren’t interested in a machine with a bunch of extras, but you just want to get your water removed in a decent amount of time, this is the pump you need to look at.

    Perfect for above ground pools that measure between 12’ and 24’ round or has a cover with square footage less than 450’ or less. Since it only has a flow rate of 550 GPH (Gallons Per Hour), the Little Giant can do a good job in steadily removing water from these smaller areas and pumps that can remove water over 1000 GPH will be more than you need.

    Buyer ratingBuyer rating

    People who have purchased the Little Giant PCP550 works well with pool covers that get a lot of leaves and debris as the removable intake screen is good for removing clogs that other pumps tend to get. It is also a quiet pump which many owners appreciate unlike the loud motors on some of its competitors. This is also a very affordable pump that is versatile and can be used for pumping out a flooded basement if necessary. Other owners have found that the lack of water level sensing capability has been a problem as you do have to turn it on and off when you plug it in. This issue could be due to the placement of the intake on the side of the pump, so it doesn’t sit down flat with the intake on the bottom like most pumps. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

    • Good pump and a good value
    • Has a good flow and doesn’t get clogged
    • Works well, quiet and solid pump
    • Doesn’t work quickly
    • Could lay flatter to get more water off the cover

    Final Verdict

    When you are looking at pool cover pumps, you will find that different pumps work for different situations. The Little Giant PCP550 is one of those pumps that works well for small to medium sized pools and is a great value. It does its job well without any bells and whistles and is better than the larger pump that is loud and is more of a pump than your will need.

    EDITOR’S PICK Wayne WAPC250 Pump

    Wayne WAPC250 Pump

    Wayne WAPC250 Pump

    Now, you might think that one pool cover pump is just as good as another. And for many of the pumps on the market, this is true. But there are some that have different features or do a better job than other. The Wayne WAPC250 is one of the more popular products from Wayne Water Systems that is part of the Kirby Company that sells durable and reliable products that we use every day.

    The Wayne WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump has a lot of awesome features including pumping up to 3,000 GPH which over twice what the Little Giant 5-APCP pumps. This is also an automatic pump that you can just plug in and leave for worry free water removal, plus it includes built-in ice and debris overload protection.

    The iSwitch® Sensing Technology – Microprocessor provides optimum operation while the sealed thermoplastic construction is ideal for submersible use. This is an energy efficient pump that uses a high flow oil-free motor and includes a check valve reducer that lessens short-cycling. It also features a strainer that minimizes clogging to help increase the lifespan of the pump.

    The pump automatically turns on at 2 1/8 inches and off at 3/4 inches. It uses a 1/4 HP motor featuring 2.5 Amps that is incredibly powerful to remove 3,000 gallons of water per hour. This is obviously not going to happen too often, but it does have the incredible speed to do it if necessary.

    The versatility of a pool cover pump can come in handy if you have a flooded basement, especially if you live in an area that tends to flood. And remember that 3,000 gallons of water per hour ability, this is when that feature would really come in handy.

    Buyer ratingBuyer rating

    Owners of the Wayne WAP250 Pool Cover Pump were thrilled at how quickly it worked and how much water it was able to remove in an hour. They also loved the how easy it was to set up and just walk away and let it do its job. Other users had difficulty with switch issues and others had issues getting it to work with the right sized hose. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

    • Easy to use and durable
    • Saves you a lot of work
    • Pumps quickly, good quality product
    • Since it hasn’t been on the market long, you don’t know what its lifespan will be
    • A little on the expensive side

    Final Verdict:

    The versatility of the Wayne WAPC250 does come in handy if your basement tends to flood a lot. It does run on the expensive side, but reviewers have appreciated its ease of use and durability. When you want a pump that works quickly and has solid construction, the Wayne WAPC250 has the versatility and durability to do a lot of work for you in a short amount of time, plus it also features a lot of extras you may not even know you wanted.

    Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pump

    Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pump

    Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pump

    When you are looking for a good pool cover pump, you want to pay attention to the brand you are looking at. The Little Giant Brand is known for quality pool cover pumps and the 5-ADCP is one of their most popular models. These are pretty versatile pumps that have the primary purpose to prolong the life of your pool cover by pumping off the water as quickly as possible.

    Using a flow rate of around 1200 gallons per hour, the Little Giant 5-APCP is pretty comparable to its competitors that average between 1000-1500 GPH. It does work well in the rain, but it struggles some with freezing water situations.

    It is an automatic pool cover pump that activates when in approximately 3 1/4″ of water, and it will turn off at around 1 3/4″ of water. Manual pumps can be tiring to have to run out periodically to manual start, so having the automatic feature can be a nice benefit.

    If you live in a pretty windy area, the detachable stabilizing plate can be handy when you have a pool cover pump sitting on top of an above ground pool, so its not flopping around and tipping over. It is a nice additional feature to have to not have to run out often to readjust it.

    It also comes with a bottom inlet that includes a screen to keep out debris and leaves that could clog the pump. The screen is easy to clean out and snaps in and out of place requiring no tools.

    Buyer ratingBuyer rating

    People who have purchased the Little Giant 5-APCP are pretty split on whether they like the product. Many love the 5-APCP, especially its long lifespan, although those that got a lot of life out of their pump had not left the pump out in very cold weather. Some reviewers had problems with the power cords becoming brittle if left in cold weather and contributing to the pump breaking. As long as you use the Little Giant 5-APCP in warmer weather, you should have better luck with using it for many years. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

    • Long life span with really good suction
    • Reliable and sturdy pool cover pump
    • Does not work the best in freezing conditions
    • Too much water is left on the pool cover when you allow it to auto shut off

    Final Verdict

    As long as you use the Little Giant 5-APCP in warmer climates, you will have a reliable and durable pump that will give you a lot of years. It does not seem to work well in the colder weather, but those living in warmer climates will appreciate its suction and pumping speed.

    Superior Pump 91330 Submersible Utility Pump

    Superior Pump 91330 Submersible Utility Pump

    Superior Pump 91330 Submersible Utility Pump

    Versatility is a great feature in a pool cover pump. One doesn’t necessarily think of what else you can do with a pool cover pump until that type of job comes up. Many people have discovered that you can use a pool cover pump for other things like pumping water out of your pool or hot tub, and you can even use it to pump water out of a flooded basement.

    So, when you are choosing a pool cover pump, you want to get one that strong enough for several different uses. The Superior Pump 91330 utility pump is durable enough to tackle any standing water job you may have. Its structure is based on thermoplastic construction which is a lot better than its competitors.

    The Superior Pump 91330 uses a one-piece motor housing making it stronger with fewer weak areas that also allows the heat to dissipate faster from the motor. You basically have a more efficient pump that will have a longer lifespan and is less susceptible to breaking. This is a great advantage when you have a piece of equipment that will spend a lot of time running in harsh weather.

    It also includes double o-ring seals located on the motor plate that keeps water from leaking into the motor housing while also keeping oil from leaking out. Keeping water out of the motor is a sign of solid construction and is a perfect design for a pool cover pump.

    Buyer ratingBuyer rating

    People who have purchased the Superior have commented on its solid construction and its long lifespan. They also have enjoyed its multiuse capabilities that allow you to drain your entire pool or hot tub, and you can even use it as a sump pump in case your basement floods and basically works wherever there is standing water. Some users were not happy with the speed that the pump work at stating it is slow to pump out the water and you need to babysit it while it works. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

    • Convenient and powerful pump
    • Very quiet and effective
    • Works well in the rain
    • Can get clogged with small debris
    • Is slow to pump the water out

    Final Verdict:

    This is a great little pump that is also very versatile, so if you need a pump that will work in a lot of situations, the Superior Pump 91330 will work well. This may not be the best pump to leave out all year long and it may not pump as quickly as you anticipate. But, if you are looking more at the versatility and durability, this is a great little pump for its class.

    Buying Guide

    Don’t you hate it when water collects on top of your pool cover during the winter? Not only can this make your pool cover extremely heavy, but it can also cause the cover to rip or tear. And what if the water freezes? That’s even more potential damage to your cover, so it is very important to remove this water periodically over the winter to keep the cover from becoming damaged.

    The best way to get rid of this standing water is to use a swimming pool cover pump. Getting a good pool cover pump will help to remove the water quickly and help to keep freezing water to a minimum during the winter to lessen the potential damage to your pool cover.

    Benefits of Using a Swimming Pool Cover Pump

    Keeping your pool safe is the number one benefit of using a pool cover pump. You will find that there are several types of pumps.

    Manual Cover “Pumps”/Siphon

    A manual pump comes equipped with a thirteen-foot siphon hose that works by squeezing the siphon ball to make the water begin to flow through the tube. This will remove the water from the cover until the water stops flowing.

    This is the cheapest and simplest type of cover pump that you can purchase. Since it has a simple design, it won’t break easily, and it will provide a safe pool for you year round.

    Electric Cover Pumps

    An electric pump is easily operated with a simple on and off switch. However, you do have to remember to monitor this type of cover pump to ensure that it is turned on when it starts raining and then off again when all the water has been successfully pumped off the pool cover.

    Automatic Cover Pumps

    Unlike the more simple electric cover pump, an automatic cover pump does not need to be monitored and will automatically turn on when water collects on the pool cover and then turn itself off when the cover is dry. It will need a regular garden hose to work correctly.

    Choosing the Best Pool Cover Pump

    Here are a few tips on what to look for when deciding on the best pool cover pump for your pool.

    Size – The size and type of pump you need will be determined by the size of your pool cover. The more area that has will affect what pump you will need.

    GPH – Gallons per hour (GPH) is the rating a pool cover pump gets based on how many gallons they can pump per hour or on their maximum flow rate. You need to look for a pump that has an over 1500 gallons per hour (GPH) flow rate to pump water from your pool cover in a sufficient amount of time.

    Strainer – Keeping leaves and debris out of your pump can help increase its lifespan. Getting a pump with a strainer that is removable on its plastic base means that you will have a lot fewer problems with clogging. Also, strainers are easy to remove and clean which is a small price to pay for having a pump that is working well and not choking on debris.

    Climate – You may not need a large and expensive water pump if you live in a warmer climate, but you will if you also happen to live in a rainy climate. Those climates that tend to get a large amount of ice and snow will need a heavy duty pump that can withstand harsh weather for longer time periods.

    Cost – Depending on your budget, you may want to get a smaller hand water pump that runs around twenty dollars. If you have a larger budget, you may want a sturdy and durable automatic pool pump. The type of machine you ultimately choose will depend a lot on how much you want to spend on your pool cover pump.

    Other Uses – Some people also use a pool cover pump for other reasons like pumping water out other places that it can accumulate like a basement. Make sure the pump you purchase is equipped to handle these other situations.

    Warranty – It is important to find a pool cover pump that has a good warranty, especially if it is an electronic or automatic pump that can fail. This is especially true for those models that may sit out for months on end in pretty harsh weather.

    Any time you are ready to buy new equipment for your pool, the best thing to do is make sure to read plenty of reviews to help you decide which product will fit your needs the best. Buying the right pool cover pump can be tricky, but just make sure to decide what features are really important to you and find the right pump to match your needs and budget. Remember, if you have the budget for a pool cover pump, it is money that is well spent in protecting your pool and pool cover.

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