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Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center 2023 Review

1. 5. 2020 last updated

Intex has a huge variety of kids pools, with their Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center being the most popular of their series.

Please read our take on the Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center review below.

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

A summertime favorite is simply relaxing or splashing in the pool to cool off from the scorching summer heat. Kids especially want to spend time in the water so it’s up to adults to find both a safe and suitable pool that kids can enjoy themselves in.

Able to fit up to 5 toddlers, the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center has a lot to offer with its fun features. It may be a bit more pricey compared to other models, but it has the most features; it has a water slide, wading pool, a ring toss game that includes 4 inflatable rings, a ball roller game with 6 plastic balls, and a water sprayer

The sprayer is able to connect to a hose to keep the kids cool, but be careful not to keep it running since it can waste quite a bit of water.

Our tip

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The pool can hold up to 77 gallons of water and weighs no more than 15 pounds. It unfortunately doesn’t come with an electric pump so it might take a bit of effort if you decide to use a hand pump, or you can buy an electric pump separately for an easier time.

You can see how a user set up his pool by checking out the video below. The Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center can be used as a starter pool for small children up to 8 years of age being that it’s shallow enough for safe swimming. Many also use this pool as a ball pit when the pool season is over for extended entertainment.

Features of Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center

  • Different built-in features such as ring toss game, water sprayer, water slide, and wading pool
  • Shallow enough to be an ideal starter pool
  • Water capacity of 77 gallons
  • Entire pool is inflatable, no dangerous solid pieces
  • Water sprayer attaches to garden hose
  • 6 Plastic balls and 4 inflatable rings included


The price of Intex kids pools ranges from $30 to $150 depending on size and shape.


Buyer rating

With over 1,000 reviews, 72% gave it a 4 or 5 and found that the pool is a good source of fun for the kids since its features offer plenty to do. While it’s also durable and sturdy, some complained about the many individual sections that inflating and that the water sprayer is flimsy and slightly unnecessary considering it can waste a lot of water. Click here to see the customer reviews for yourself

  • Can be a starter pool for both infants and kids up to 8 years old
  • Plenty of features for nonstop fun
  • Tough enough for long lasting use
  • Up to 15 different sections to inflate rather than 1 whole piece
  • Water sprayer feature is flimsy and can waste water
  • Electric pump needs to be bought separately


Based on quality and price, the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is a popular addition to the backyard where the kids can enjoy themselves for hours on end with its many features. With a water sprayer, wading pool, a water slide and more, you and your family can find a lot of fun with this pool after inflating all of its parts. If you have little ones that are learning how to swim, the pool can also serve as a starter pool since it’s shallow enough for safe play.

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