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5 Pool Toys You Must Try This Summer

5. 4. 2019 last updated

Swimming is fun, right? Well, of course it is! However, there is only so much fun you can have bobbing up and down in the water. If you can get your hands on some quality pool toys, you will be able to crank that fun right up to 11! Here are some of the best pool toys money can buy.

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It is important to note that we have not really talked about specific brands and products here. If you’d like straight-up tips, please go to our Best Swimming Pool Toys.

Pool Floats

You can’t really have a list of the best pool toys around without talking about inflatable beds, animals, and what have you. There is nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing on one of these inflatable toys. Many of them come in at a very cheap price too, some will even allow many people to just bob along in the water at once!

Inflatable Houses

Yep. You really can buy inflatable houses! Sure, you won’t be able to live in them, but they are awesome to chill out in for hours on end. Some of the best inflatable pool houses have oodles of space where you will be able to eat drink, and maybe even play a couple of games. We have even seen some inflatable houses which have a large drink cooler built into them. How nifty is that?

Water Volleyball

You can purchase inflatable volleyball nets for use in the water. Many people are not aware of this, but water volleyball is an incredibly competitive sport. Sure, you probably are not going to want to be too competitive when you are in the water, it is all in the name of fun after all, but it is a great bit of exercise.
The rules for water volleyball are much the same as if you were playing on land. However, let’s be honest, all you are really going to be doing is hitting it over the net anyway. That is where the fun is!


No, we are not expecting you to throw fish into your pool. You could do, but that is probably not going to end very well. Instead, we suggest you get your hands on some plastic fishing equipment for your little tykes. You can throw the plastic fish into the water. Your children will then be able to reel them in with the plastic rod. This is something which is fantastic for the smaller children as it allows them to work on their hand-eye coordination. The play sets tend to be very cheap too.

Floating Card Games

We are wrapping this list up with floating card games, maybe because they are incredibly unique. We are positive than many of you have never even fathomed the idea of 

playing card games in the water, or any board game for that matter. Well, now you can. You can purchase waterproof playing cards and gameboards which will float throughout the water for you. A tremendous amount of relaxing fun!

Remember; whether you are just swimming around the pool or having a ton of fun with some awesome pool toys, it is important that you always practice swimming pool safety.

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