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What Types of Pool Lights Are There?

3. 4. 2019 last updated

What Pool Lights Are ThereA pool can be significantly enhanced by good pool lighting. Lights can increase safety, improve the overall attractiveness of the pool area, and can even impact the overall mood. But what makes for good pool lighting? To determine the best pool lights for your pool, you first need to understand the different kinds of pool lights that are available.

Underwater Pool Lights

The name explains most of what you need to know about these lights but there are a few different types. Completely submerged in water, the primary function of these lights is to make seeing within the water easier.

The two main types of underwater lights for the pool are flush-mounted lights and surface-mounted lights. Flush lights are inset into the sides of the pool and are typically installed upon the initial installation of the pool. These lights are mostly seen with in-ground pools. They are flush with the wall, meaning they don’t stick out.

It is possible to retrofit your pool with flush mounted lights if you have enough room but it can be a more expensive and challenging endeavor. Among flush-mounted lights, you will see both halogen and LED lights. Halogen lights tend to be more affordable but they will cost more in the long run, as they use more power and they need more maintenance. LED underwater pool lights tend to last longer without needing much maintenance and they don’t break easily.

In-ground pool lights can be either flush-mounted or surface-mounted. For above ground pool lights, you’re more likely to use surface-mounted lights. Surface-mounted underwater pool lights stick out a bit from the sides of the pool. They are easy to install and retrofitting your pool with these lights is simple, making them a good upgrade option. Because they do stick out a bit, there is a higher risk of breaking. You will see both halogens and LED lights for surface-mounted lights. There are a few different means of mounting these lights to the pool. The Intex LED Pool Wall Light, for example, uses magnets to attach to the wall of your above ground pool.

Some underwater lights also let you turn the pool into a more fun environment. Lights that give you different color options and even let you use strobe or flash settings can give the pool a party atmosphere. This makes them perfect for pool parties. The Lemonbest 9W RGB LED is a good example of a light that will set that club-like vibe for your pool.

Floating Pool Lights

Floating lights are another way to add that party vibe to the pool. As the name suggests, these are lights that float on the surface of the water. There are flat floating lights and more eye-catching options like ball floating lights or even lotus flower floating lights. Floating pool lights are typically rechargeable. They tend to light a smaller area than either flush-mounted or surface-mounted lights. While they do give off light and can potentially give off quite a bit of light, their primary purpose is decorative.

Ocean Blue AquaLight Floating Pool Light

Ocean Blue AquaLight Floating Pool Light

Fun Feature Pool Lights

When designing your perfect pool space, you might be looking for a way to make your pool more unique. Feature lighting is a good way to add some fun to the

pool area while making your pool stand out from all the other pools. There are many different ways to make your pool special with feature lighting. One type of fun lighting you can add to your pool is lights that also have a water fountain effect. The Doheny’s LED Color Cascade Waterfall Fountain, for example, uses your pool’s pump to spray a colorful “waterfall” shot of water. The Game 3567 Underwater Light Show and Fountain is a floating light that has a fun fountain spray feature as well as colorful underwater light effects.

For both in-ground and above ground pools, you have a lot of options when it comes to lighting. Now that you understand the different types of pool lighting available, you can formulate a plan for your overall lighting design. With good lights, a pool is safer, more beautiful, and potentially a lot more fun.

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